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“Death of atheist (Death of Voltaire)”

“Knight of the Immaculate”, 1936, 2 (170) (translation from Polish)

Voltaire, a French poet and "philosopher" of 18th century was one of the biggest enemies of the Catholic Church. With his writings and huge influence that he had on the spoiled France, he highly contributed to the famous and shameful French Revolution in the end 18th century. Destroying the catholic religion was a purpose of his life which he put for himself. Therefore, he fought it as he could: with laughing, with sneer, but first of all with a slander.

— "It got tiresome for me — said the certain time — to listen, like they are still repeating, that twelve people were enough to bring the Christianity; and I will try to prove that for destroying it one man will be enough".

And when one of those present said to him, "no one can demolish the Christian religion" — he answered with pride: "We'll see".

During his lifetime, he mocked the death and used to often repeat: "Not death is terrible, but preparing for it, this barbarity, last rites".

Some other time he manifested himself this way: "They say sometimes about a man that he died like a dog, but in fact the dog is very happy, because it may die without this juggling, by which the last moments of a man are troubled sometimes".

He has never ceased his work of Satan: always was thrashing about, writing and inciting against the Church. "I will remain malicious to the end of my days" — he said about himself.

Let us then have an eye at his death, whether he really fulfilled these malicious announcements.

From the moment when he suddenly fell ill (11 May 1778) all the way to very death (30 May), by his bed, with truly hellish thrift, "brothers" Freemasons were watching so that he indeed died like a dog. And he began to be at his wit's end and sometimes was remaining in a frenzy around the clock. In a rare moments of regaining consciousness he recognised persons, cursed the helplessness of doctors, cursed his suffering and complained that no longer will be able to gloat his fame over. On 30 May, last hope finally disappeared. Since the doctor notified Voltaire of it, he, terrified and with imploring voice, cried out: — Get me out of it, rescue me!

— The thing is impossible, you have to die — said the doctor.

An agony came. In eleventh hours two priests were called, but only for the sake of appearance so that Voltaire was not deprived of the Catholic funeral. But Voltaire was unconscious and talked nonsense. The priests walked away, asking to call them again when he will a little bit regain a consciousness.

When a consciousness came back after the certain time, it was already too late. Voltaire, at the very mention of his sinful past, fell into extreme despair and called: "God and people left me!", and turning to those present, screamed: "Away from me! You made, that I am in such state. Away!".

At times he rolled around on the bedding, groaning and blaspheming God's name. With horror those present heard him repeating with the muffled voice: "Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ!". At these words he slithered like a crushed worm and racked the body with nails. However the mercy of God is endless. God gave him the hope of forgiving: Voltaire demanded the priest now! But in vain, because "friends" and "brothers" weren't moved by his groans. A despair returned again.

— I feel some hand — he cried — that grabs me and pulls against the judgment of God. Then having look at the wall, he said with terror: — The devil is there, wants to catch me; I can see him, I can see the hell. Hide me!

At the end, in excess of desperation and feverish thirst he grabbed the chamber pot, put to the mouth and emptied. Whereupon, being flooded with excrement and blood coming out of his mouth and the nose, and giving the last terrible cry, he gave up the ghost.

— If the Satan could die, he wouldn't finish in other way — a few converted eyewitnesses said after that. Similarly also said that doctor of the dead atheist: "I wish that all who were seduced by writings of Voltaire, witness his death. Such a view is impossible to bear.

What a life, such a death. He lived without God and died without God. And the Church, about which he said that one man would be enough to destroy it, lasts up till today, because Christ Lord said about it that even all hellish powers wouldn't win it!

If only today's atheists wanted to understand it! After all, at one time, they must die. May they only not die with death of Voltaire.

“Knight of the Immaculate”, 1936, 2 (170) (translation from Polish)